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African Staff

an old antique authentic figural carved african wood staff chokwe congo #3


Dogon African Staff 43" on Stand - Mali


African Staff 21.5" w/ stand


Lega Figural Staff Congo African Art


African Wooden Axe / Staff 26" - West Africa


Senufo Staff Tool Ivory Coast African Art Collection


Songye Style Staff/Walking Stick 30.5" - DRC - African Art


Bamana African Staff 28.5" - Mali




Antique African Figural Carved Walking Cane Staff Stick


ATQ African Yoruba Shango Oshe Sango dance Wand Sculpture Vintage ART Staff LG


Tanzanian African Staff 15" - Tanzania


African Staff 41" with base - Nigeria


African Staff Baule Carved Monkey Figure Wood Ivory Coast


Early 20th C. African Kongo / Kuba Bone Leopard Staff


Impressive Unknown African Figural Staff 44.25" on base | African Art


Antique Talking Walking Stick Staff Cane Wood Tribesman Snake Ceremonial African


Old Unique African Walking Staff


Yoruba Figural Staff 43" - Nigeria - African Art


African Figural Wooden Staff 22" with stand - West Africa


Superb Songye Figural Staff 40" - DRC


Chief King Chieftains Staff Sceptre Baton African Fang Zulu Statue Congo Zaire


Old African Ambete Ceremonial Staff Figure, On Stand.  D R Congo Estate Piece


Cane African Wood Walking Cane Baule Tribe Figure Prestige Staff


Unique African Walking Staff


Nyamwezi Figural Staff Carved Head Tanzania Africa


Chokwe Figural Staff Angola Congo African Art


Gita Figural Staff Carved Head Tanzania Custom Base African Art


Songye Dance Staff Congo African Art 41 Inch


Tabwa Female Figural Staff Congo African Art SALE WAS $90.00


Yaka Figural Staff Stand Rare Congo African Art


Senufo Staff Bird and Snake Ivory Coast African Art


Beautifully Carved Hemba Figural Staff 30.5" - DRC - African Art


Dinka Figural Staff with Metal Inlays African Art


Antique Zande Azande African Tribe Wood Figure Post Statute Staff Congo, Africa


Dogon Figural Staff or Post Mali African Art 31 Inch


African Ceremonial Bow and 2 Staffs Baboon/Snakeskin VooDoo? Art Old


Chokwe Chibinda Ilunga Figure Holding Staff and Pipe African


Antique Igbo Bush Hunters Figure Walking Stick Wood & Metal Staff Nigeria Africa