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Template for the measurement of thickness for all VIOLIN and VIOLA bridges.


Dayton Audio UMM-6 USB Measurement Microphone 


Apex 220 Omnidirectional Back Electret Condenser Measurement Microphone Black


miniDSP UMIK-1 USB Calibrated Measurement Microphone Acoustic Room Correct Omni


GeetarGizmos 6" LUTHIER SCALE Measurement Ruler Woodworker Guitar Tool


Planet Waves PW-SHG-01 String Height Gauge Measurement Tool


HOSCO Step Gauge for Guitar/Bass, Precise Multi Measurement Tool Stainless Steel


String Gauge Action Ruler Guide Setup Measuring Luthier for Electric Guitar Bass


String Action Gauge Ruler Guide Setup Measuring Guitar Ukulele Luthier Tool Kit


Dayton Audio EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphone


Grand Piano Regulating Gauges/Tools, Measure String Height from Keybed


Apex 220 Linear Measurement Microphone NEW + FREE 2DAY SHIPPING!


String Action Gauge Ruler Guitar Tool Measuring Kit w/ Scale for String Height


Behringer ECM8000 Ultra Linear Measurement Microphone Mic for DCX2496 RTA


Swisson DMX Measurement Tool XMT-120


32 Blades Feeler Gauge Imperial & Metric Guitar String Height Measuring Tool US


DBX DriveRack PA Loudspeaker Control With DBX RTA Measurement Mic




Guitar String Action Gauge Ruler Guide Setup and Basses Luthier Measuring Tools


MusicianAtHeart STRING HEIGHT GAUGE - relief measuring luthier tool for guitar


2pcs Guitar Fingerboard Fretboard Saddle Nut Radius Gauge Measuring Tool S1V1


String Action Gauge Ruler Guide Setup Guitar Electric Measuring Luthier Tool


Digital Caliper 6" (150mm) All metal construction - guitar repair measuring tool


Premium Quality Aluminum Violin Thickness Measuring Tool w/ Dial Indicator - USA


Set of 3 Grand Piano Regulating Gauges/Tools, Measure/Adjust Hammer Blow/Line


Earthworks M30 Condenser Measurement Microphone


Earthworks M23 Omni Measurement Microphone


Earthworks M30 30kHz Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone New


Beyerdynamic MM 1 Measurement Microphone


Audiomatica CLIO Pocket Personal Acoustic Measurement System


Earthworks M50 Measurement Microphone New


Swisson DMX Measurement Tool XMT-120A


Beyerdynamic MM-1 Measurement Microphone


PreSonus PRM1 Precision Reference Measurement Microphone NEW


Guitar String Height Measurement & Installation Tools


Beyerdynamic - MM-1 - Omnidirectional Condenser Measurement Microphone


Blizzard Lighting Buddha / DMX measurement & cable testing tool


Beyer MM1 Measurement Microphone