Jurgen Klopp insists he doesn’t like the Atletico style ball.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp very clear. repeat again did not like Diego Simeone’s style of teamwork after. The Reds had an awful program to meet Atletico Madrid again in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

While Diego Simeone’s side The Atletico Madrid boss. Has declined to comment on the recent criticism of Jurgen Klopp that he was playing football. Inappropriately for his current team. When the Atletico army invaded the Reds to knock out the Reds in the last 16 of the Champions League. Last year,

Liverpool were knocked out of the 2019-20 Champions League round of 16 at the hands of Atletico Madrid, who beat them at Anfield. During the extra 3-2 and qualifying with a 4-2 aggregate score

after the game, Klopp told Simeone that There are many good players on the team. but instead chooses to use tactics that are not suitable for defending Waiting to counter in one pose

It’s been 19 months and now they meet again. In the same program, but in the group stage On Tuesday in Spain,

when asked about the issue, Simeone opted to turn down the saliva war with Klopp ahead of the start of the game. 

Shortly answering “nothing”

, Klopp, meanwhile, gave an interview to his own Press Conference, insisting he didn’t like the football style of the Atletico boss.

“Simeone did everything right. became the Spanish champion Been at Atletico for a long time with world-class players. able to keep them in good team I respect what they do, “said Claudia Dieppe

“. Ask if I like it? Not much, but I prefer other styles of football. I don’t have to like it It just has to be successful. But while in the very difficult time of the club They have also been impressive with signing players. have the right team For me they have to be champions. Liga again”

“What I said Certainly influenced by the emotions I’ve been feeling since a year and a half ago.”