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The cause of “eat right away, take right away”

The cause of “eat right away, take right away” may at risk of “irritable bowel syndrome” Have you ever wondered if. Some people after eating food for a long time and immediately wanting to excrete or some people excrete too easily what is the cause. What is the risk

Prevent yourself from cystitis

Prevent yourself from cystitis Most women have had cystitis. which is considered normal for women. The reason why women get cystitis more than men Because women’s urethra is shorter than men’s. Makes it easier for germs to enter In addition, the urethra of women is open in the genital area. This makes

Cassano slams Haaland ‘can’t play football’

Cassano slams Haaland ‘can’t play football’ Italian bad boy legend Antonio Cassano has once again taken an unconventional opinion by slamming Manchester City striker Erling Braut Haaland for being “inconsiderate”. “I can’t play football” and the quality of the pace is much behind many of the top strikers, although this season Haaland has

Ten Hag hopes to escape from Ajax ‘s engine room

Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football Erik ten Hag. Who is set to be officially. Appointed as the new manager this summer. versatile footballer who can play. Both defensive midfield and centre-back, the 24-year-old Mexico national team moved from Club America. In their homeland