Ancelotti admits he is not happy having to fight Atletico 3 times in a row

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Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid manager, admits that he is not happy that his team has to face city rivals “Atletico Madrid” 3 matches in a row during this period after being matched up against them. In the Copa del Rey round of 16, the

Real team will face Diego Simeone’s team in the first match of the Spanish Super Cup semi-finals on Wednesday, January 10, then See you again next week in the Copa del Rey and a third time in early February in the league.

And the Atletico team is the only team that has defeated Real Madrid this season in every competition. Happened in the league, a 3-1 win at the Metropolitano. Last September

“According to the competition program that we see We have to play Atletico Madrid again, we have to play this game,” Ancelotti said.

“I don’t want to play Atletico Madrid because they are one of the best teams. It’s always difficult playing against them. But Atletico probably thinks the same way. “

We are 2 strong teams and it’s complicated. But I think the fans will be happy with the program. Whether it’s a Real Madrid or Atletico fan, Atletico

Madrid just defeated Real Madrid for the first time in 14 matches in La Liga, while in the Super Cup, the team The King defeated Atletico Madrid. Got it in the final in 2020, which was the first year it came to Riyadh. Saudi Arabia