‘Arteta’ accepts ‘Wenger’ as the person to become a coach.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed that Arsene Wenger was the one who sparked his inner coaching desire, and that Patrick Vieira is in charge of Crystal Palace.

H is present and will play against Arteta’s team on Monday night. Both of them have been captains for the “artillery” before, of

course, they have worked with Wenger, the perfumer who has been in charge of Arsenal for 22 years, and Arte. Da admits that his former boss was the one who made him want to take on the coaching job.

“I think we have been guided and has feelings for football differ because we have a manager Arsène,” Arteta said

: “He is a coach spark in us. Not just me or Patrick, but many others. the way he treats everyone at the club and the way he feels about ufabet football.”

The job of the Spanish coach at this time is to bring Arsenal back to the top of the league again. After a hiatus from winning the league since 2004,

“Hopefully I won’t wait another 17 years because it’s been a very long time,” he said.

“You’re talking about the best players in the world in their positions. that time To replace these players is almost impossible, a pin and an understanding of the team are, they committed together for a long life, “

” the era starts ended because the important people in their success. said goodbye to the team We have the example of Liverpool and how long have they been away from winning the league? That has become a reality, “

” I always think that there are many ways to reach that point and you also have the opportunity to become what you dreamed it. ”