Bayern Munich twists to fight chicken, submits official complaint to Dragusin.

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News reports from Fabrizio Romano and Matteo Moretti reveal that “Southern Tigers” Bayern Munich have made an official offer to buy Radu Dragusin. Genoa’s defenders which the said offer is higher than “Golden Spurs” are slightly ahead of Tottenham Hotspur.

Dragusin is a target to strengthen the Spurs’ team. And news came out earlier that They have already agreed a fee of 25 million euros plus add-ons, with Jed Spence joining Genoa on loan.

However, it looks like Bayern won’t give up the white flag easily. Make an offer of 30 million euros as Genoa wants. But there are no conditions to exchange players.

The report states that Genoa are satisfied with offers from both sides. It is now up to Dragusin to decide where he will play, ufabet

with Romano reporting that Spurs are still confident of getting the young defender. The 22-year-old has been acquired, but Sportitalia believes Dragusin is hesitant and favors offers from the German side more.

Defender of the Romanian national team Being a Juventus kid But the birth was not successful. Was released on loan to several clubs before being sold out to Genoa for 5.5 million euros with bonuses in 2023, and it is expected that Juventus will receive a 20 percent share from this sale.