Cassano slams Haaland ‘can’t play football’

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Cassano slams Haaland ‘can’t play football’

Italian bad boy legend Antonio Cassano has once again taken an unconventional opinion by slamming Manchester City striker Erling Braut Haaland for being “inconsiderate”. “I can’t play football” and the quality of the pace is much behind many of the top strikers, although this season Haaland has scored 47 goals.

The Norwegian striker, who moved from Borussia Dortmund, scored a record-breaking 47 goals in 40 appearances in all competitions for Manchester City. Including leading the Premier League goalscoring star with 32 goals after the last time, pressed 2 more tablets in the game to defeat Leicester City 3-1 on Saturday.

But despite the shocking performance However, it has not escaped criticism from Cassano, who saw Haaland’s low ball skills.

The former Real Madrid star told UFABET: “Haaland reminds me of Adriano at his peak at Inter Milan.

“Haaland is Ibrahimovic with Adriano speed? Yes, yes, I agree, but at least Ibrahimovic is technically better than Haaland.

“I think he’s more of a mix of Adriano and Christian Vieri.”

“We have many strikers. People who know how to play football like Lewandowski or Benzema, but he (Haaland) doesn’t know how they play football. He is a top finisher. phenomenal But wouldn’t you pick a striker who knows how to play football first?

Which although the 22-year-old Norwegian striker will score a substantial goal.

This season But it still didn’t make Cassano feel that Haaland had access to the real science of football. Ready to say that There are other strikers. Who understand this more than Haaland.

For Erling Haaland, he has scored 45 goals in all competitions in the 2022/23 season, breaking a record to become a player for a club in the English top flight. who scored the most goals in a single season, surpassing Ruud van Nistelrooy and Mohamed Salah who scored 44 goals.

It is also currently holding the Premier League’s 2022/23 goalscoring position, having scored 30 goals from 27 games and the UEFA’s goalscoring star. Champions League 2022/23 from 11 goals from 7 games played

“There are other strikers who know. How to play football like (Robert) Lewandowski and (Karim) Benzema, and he (Haaland) doesn’t know. How to play football. It is true that he is a sharp finisher. and an amazing player But don’t you want a striker who knows how to play football?