Foster was barely able to see the moment Mohamed Salah

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Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster Admittedly, almost invisible rhythm Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s painkiller wing Show the ball stairway to escape the defensive line before shooting a beautiful goal. On Saturday,

” Mohamed Salah ” was in hot form and most recently broke off 3-4 defenders of the “Rampant Hornets” before finishing a decisive goal in a 5-0 thrashing at Vicarage Road

, Foster said. “His feet are so fast The players are afraid to poke their way in or try to intercept it because it could be a penalty. You can go after him, jerk him, but once you get into the penalty area it’s over. It was a real nightmare.”

“I can barely see it. I remember 34 players surrounding him. He dribbled past 2 3 4 people and used the body of one or two opponents to direct my ball. Then smashed into the corner. It’s really great.”

“To be honest, I fully agree. There were times when he had the ball as a goalkeeper. you will surely be worried He’s done everything to cut into the outer burrow into motion his great “

” As global warming you think that “God keep his shot down” for example Ronaldo if he is in range. shoot He can shoot the ball up or down. Left to right to get out of it, “

” Seeing something like this to see the full game for Liverpool in the eye itself. I would have to agree with Klopp’s assessment that he is one of the best players in the world right now.” According to a report from ufabet.