‘Hoijlund’ is happy to play with ‘Rashford’.

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Rasmus Hoijlund, Manchester United’s striker, praises Marcus Rashford as a truly world-class player and being able to play alongside this powerful attacker. Make him extremely happy

Last season, Rashford exploded in form, scoring 30 goals in all competitions for the “Red Devils”, but entering the new season, the 25-year-old has just scored just one goal from the first 10 matches, aside from a drop in scoring production

. already There are still criticisms of Rashford regarding his team play. Ready to demand that boss Eric ten Hag drop this star. To make way for Alejandro Carnacho, http://ufabet999.com

however, 20-year-old Hojlund doesn’t think so. Came out to protect seniors at the club During an interview before playing for Denmark in qualifying for the Euros,

“I really enjoyed playing with Rashford. He’s a truly world-class player,” the £72 million player continued. hometown media

“We didn’t have any special training pairs. But we talked all the time in regular sessions. To try to find each person’s playing style.”

“Although Rashford is a few years older than me, But he is someone I respect. He’s always been great since playing at age 19 and scoring against Midtjylland. “

Now we’re teammates. And being able to play on the field alongside Rashford makes me very happy.”

Besides being on the same team, Hoijlund also has another thing similar to Rashford, which is his speed. Which led to further questions being asked. between them Who can run faster

? “I’m faster,” Hoijlund replied with a straight face. while the reporter spread laughter throughout the interview room