Klopp insists that the future remains the same for another 2 years

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Jurgen Klopp insists nothing has changed in his plans for the future. After his contract with Liverpool expires in 2024 and may say goodbye by then.

He gave an interview after the midweek win over Norwich City that it was unknown whether he would stay at Anfield longer than his contract.

Even so, some see it as a positive response from the German coach. It was previously said that he would leave when his contract expires in 2024

, however, Klopp admitted it was wrong to comment earlier and stressed that nothing had changed when it came to his future. he

Asked if the quality of the squad might convince him to stay, Klopp replied: “No, nothing about that. My plans are still the same.”

“I woke up immediately after answering the question, I thought to myself ‘die’ but I replied, I’m not with myself. The plan is still the same. Nothing will change.” the ufabet report

“If I decide to leave, or maybe get fired in 2023, who knows! But if I decide to leave my position in 2024, it has nothing to do with the quality of the team

. ‘ Not like that at all, not about that.

“Everything we do is for the long term, everything we do. This club has to be even better. Especially when I’m not with the team anymore. That’s the plan, that’s what we’re doing.”

“So it doesn’t matter how long I stay. What is even more important is what we will do until that point.”