‘Lukaku’ says he’ll be shocked if he reveals the story behind 

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Romelu Lukaku says everyone will be shocked if he reveals what really happened last summer. After encountering a lot of news about team transfers

The Belgian striker gave an interview to the media. Ahead of his national team’s clash with Austria on Friday,

Lukaku ended up joining Roma on loan from Chelsea after a few months filled with transfer rumors.

He was originally expected to return to Inter Milan on a permanent basis before holding talks with Juventus, causing the Nerazzurri to become dissatisfied and scrap plans to sign him. The transfer to

Juventus There was no sign of it happening, so he ended up having to look for other options. He eventually moved to Rome with Jose Mourinho after rejecting an offer from Saudi Arabia. However,

Lukaku himself appears unhappy with what happened behind the scenes with the news of the transfer. and admits that everyone will be shocked if the details are revealed.

“Am I afraid that things won’t happen this summer? No, there are enough people who know the qualities I have,” Lukaku said in an interview. สมัคร ufabet

“There are many outsiders who like to speak for me. There’s a lot of nonsense that comes out.”

“Most people in this room know me. You know I don’t like to avoid important topics. I will talk about this in the future. But if I tell you everything that happened last summer. Everyone will be shocked.”

“What’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read? It’s about me moving to a certain club. But it didn’t make sense at all.”

“There were many times where I might have exploded in my heart. If it were 5 years ago, I might have done that. But right now I don’t want to waste my energy on that. It’s a time of keeping quiet and focusing on yourself. I concentrated on what I was good at. That’s playing football.”