Mkhitaryan Sengpao does not let the shot before blowing the penalty.

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Henrikh Mkhitaryan insists Roma ‘were the better team today’ after the 1-0 defeat to Juventus. Why can’t the referee wait until the move is finished and then blow the whistle?’

This was the fourth consecutive Serie A victory for the Old Lady, decided by Moise Kean redirecting a Rodrigo Bentancur header from point-blank range.

Mkhitaryan midfielder Miami Roma do not understand why the referee did not let them play to finish a stroke shot before blowing a penalty

army “Wolves of Rome” Just Raiders of the Lost. For “Zebra” 1-0 in that game, there was a problematic rhythm where Tammy Abraham scored but the referee whistled first and checked VAR before giving a penalty from Mkhitaryan. It was fouled by Vojciech Szczesny before passing the ball to Abraham after the game. When the visiting team failed to take the penalty and lost, Mkhitaryan himself disagreed with that.

“Why don’t they let it go until the end of the score and then blow the whistle,” Mkhitaryan told  ufabet.  after the game.

“On offside they still wait 5 to 8 seconds, why isn’t it the same on penalties? How about? Everyone could see what was going on. I can’t say much.”

“It’s normal for us. To be very irritated. Today we are the superior team. We created many chances to score. We could have done better. But we have evolved and we know we can win if we keep playing like this.”