Mourinho admires the team’s brilliant form, should win

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho Refuses to talk about the penalty stroke in the game his team lost 1-0 to Juventus and sees his team doing well.

“Wolf Rome” of the Portuguese coach. Just missed the invasion to lose to “Zebra” 1-0, in that game, there was a problem with Tammy Abraham scoring a goal, but the referee blows the whistle first and checks VAR before giving it a penalty and it’s Jordan. Vertebour, who missed the last shot, their team was the loser.

“I can only say that today I am a Roma great, this is what I told the players in the dressing room,” Mourinho told DAZN after the game

: “Of course we are talking about the defeat and 0 points. But I can say that this is Roma that is excellent in every way. I have to appreciate the organization and hard work of the players who have played despite the physical difficulties and the absence of the national team programme.

“I may look different from you but I see a team that deserves more wins than defeats. Football is like this.”

“I don’t want to comment on penalties. I don’t have any information on hand. I haven’t even seen the replay yet. I want to stay busy and focus on everything my team is doing on the pitch.”

“Hopefully to hear the words we hear from Juventus. in tunnels and dressing rooms in public places too. They know how difficult it is to play against us.

But today we lost despite playing very well. That shows that we are on the right track.”