“Reguilon” reveals the incident prompted to save the lives of football fans.

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Tottenham Hotspur centre-back Sergio Reguilon has spoken of an incident where he told the referee to halt the game after seeing a supporter in the stadium need emergency aid.

During the end of the first half of the game “Chicken Golden Spikes” broke to beat Newcastle 3-2 last night. There was a time when the 24-year-old back informed the referee to halt the game after seeing one of the home fans in poor condition and in need of emergency first aid with defibrillation

after Eric Dier walked. went to inform the officials in the stadium, the aforementioned fans are safe and the game has resumed until the end of normal Both received great admiration and Reguilon said of the incident:

“Although getting three points is a happy moment, for me the most important thing is the supporter. They told me he’s ok and feeling better,” Reguilon said after the game.

“At that time I saw a fan waving a signal and a man was lying on the ground. I saw that something was wrong. I looked at the referee and he stopped the match. I think everything is okay now and it’s 100% complete happiness.”

“It’s really weird. We went into the dressing room and before that I saw the man lying on the floor. I was very nervous because I didn’t want to see anything like this.”